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Frequently Asked Questions

Cornwell's Turkeyville Doesn't Prohibit Pets

However: There will be turkeys, Dogs, Kids, Loud Music, and Sword fighting. You know your pets Temperment best.

Cornwell's and Royal Stagg waive all Liability.

Do I have to dress up in costume to attend?

NO! Whether it's Ren era, sca, Viking, pirate, fairy, fantasy. star trek, star wars, or other nerd genre, muggle/mundane, 1900 through 2023 fashion, you are welcome to attend.



Cornwell's Turkeyville is our host and they are setting up an outdoor food booth for GIANT Dragon Legs(turkey). As well as a full menu inside

if you have never been, Imagine Thanksgiving dinner, and create an entire restaurant menu from it. The potatoes and gravy are gluten free, using rice flour.

There is an Ice Cream Parlour, and PopCorn if you are looking for snacks. Soda, Water, Beer, Wine and, MEAD!

And tucked near the Royal Stage at the end of the big field will be ROOT JACK!!! ***See map for details.***

Eat, Drink, and be entertained by Music, Comedy, Sword Fighting. Have a friend get arrested, Get your face Painted, or Henna done.

There is Shopping:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Weapons
  • Crafts
  • Trinkets
  • Treasures
  • or Have your fortuen told, and enter to win the King's Treasure!
    (Tickets are $5.00 for sale at the castle Shop, Must be present to win 5:30pm Sunday.)

    Send US AN EMAIL!