Performers for the weekend. This page will Be updated once all Performers are locked in for 2023

The Royal Stage

Headlining the Royal Stage is the Idiot Ric Rock! With 6 performances scheduled During our 2 day event!

Rolling in after Will be the Kindred Sisters Belly Dancers!

Click the button below to see when they will be on stage!

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The Round Stage

Headlining the round stage will be Trivialities and Bell, Book & Canto.

With the Wind rose Minstrels Performing the opening Ceromony on both days!

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The Minstrel Stage

Headlining the Minstrel stage is none other then the Minstrel Rav'n

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Scales & Tales

Scales & Tales will be performing out of their booth!

They are located in Booth 29 on the left hand map on the homepage!

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Darkmor Larp & Swords of Valour

Enjoy larping with darkmor larpers and swords of Valour in the fighting ring!

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